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authorSamuel Lidén Borell <>2014-02-07 23:17:23 +0100
committerSamuel Lidén Borell <>2014-02-07 23:17:23 +0100
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Remove version expiry status checking system
This system had two purposes: 1) to make FriBID able to determine the latest version of the official software it could emulate, without having to upgrade FriBID itself. 2) to make it possible to "revoke" old versions of FriBID in case of security problems. It has turned out that this system is not necessary. 1) was never really needed because the official software was updated quite rarely anyway and only a few web sites cared about the version string anyway. 2) is a kind of "kill switch" but it's not very useful since it's only checked when you use the FriBID user interface. Hence users who use FriBID (the user interface) infrequently or users who do not use it any longer would not see the warning message. And it seems that most users only use FriBID infrequently (typically once a year or so). This change removes a lot of code. One of the function calls removed is platform_seedRandom which was ONLY used for the "expiry" feature which used rand(). This does not affect the crypto stuff which uses OpenSSL's random generator which in turn uses /dev/random.
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diff --git a/client/gtk.c b/client/gtk.c
index 463aabc..2bc6c41 100644
--- a/client/gtk.c
+++ b/client/gtk.c
@@ -723,12 +723,4 @@ void platform_showError(TokenError error) {
-void platform_versionExpiredError() {
- showMessage(GTK_MESSAGE_ERROR, _("This software version has expired, and "
- "will probably not be accepted on all web sites.\n"
- "\n"
- "Please download a newer version (if available), or use "
- "the officially supported software (Nexus Personal) instead."));