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echo "Usage: $0 [options]
This script creates a build configuration. The default options are to
-install system-wide, into /usr/local, and use /usr/$multilib/mozilla/plugins
+install system-wide, into $prefix, and use $pluginPaths
as the plugin directory.
--help Shows this help.
- --prefix=PATH Sets the installation prefix. [/usr/local]
+ --prefix=PATH Sets the installation prefix. [$prefix]
--exec-prefix=PATH Sets the installation prefix for executable files.
The default is to use the same prefix for all files.
--libdir=PATH Sets the directory for libraries. [EPREFIX/$multilib]
--datadir=PATH Sets the directory for architecture-independent
data. [PREFIX/share]
- --plugin-path=PATH Sets the NPAPI plugin path [/usr/$multilib/mozilla/plugin]
+ --plugin-path=PATH Sets the NPAPI plugin path [$pluginPaths]
This option may be repeated if you want to create
plugin links in several places.
- --pkcs11-engine=PATH Path to PKCS#11 module [/usr/$multilib/]
+ --pkcs11-engine=PATH Path to PKCS#11 module [$pkcs11Module]
--disable-pkcs11 Disable building PKCS#11 smartcard support
--enable-pkcs11 Force building PKCS#11 smartcard support
--optional-pkcs11 Detect PKCS#11 module availability at runtime